Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cars & Coffee & French Pastry

The inaugural Paragon Cars & Coffee & French Pastry was a big success today.  Things actually started Friday night when Tim drove down from the UP in his rally quattro:

French Pastry Chef extraordinaire, Francois showed up with his Lancia Delta Integrale and more importantly: a large tray of pastry! No donuts here, it's 1st class all the way. 

Ur quattro 10V wizard Al from California stopped by on his way back from Italy and Spain (I'm not making this shit up ....). 

Nate from Chicago dropped by to pick up the last 4 urq windshields known to exist in North America.

Jared showed up in his Euro BMW 635 and got his 73S out of a long hibernation.

Of course, I'm not happy unless everybody has a rally-theme going on their car.  So we did a few modifications to the offending vehicles.  Ingo's quattro V8 went from DTM to WRC and Kevin's A4 looked particularly good with the Fuchs and Pirelli gravel tires: