Friday, July 9, 2010


Fuelfed. Fuelfed? WTF?  I met up with a very cool group of car nuts at 2-Shores Classics Cars & Coffee a few weeks back.  Simply put: these guys 'get it'.  If they were all driving early 911 hotrods, they'd be R Gruppe members for sure. They're into all sorts of cool machinery.   Fuelfed is a non-club.  No dues, no membership applications, no newsletter .... well, they describe themselves as:

“Fuelfed, the elite fraternity of auto enthusiasts, collectors, drivers and racers loosely based in the Chicago area. Founded in 1998 out of sheer automotive passion, Fuelfed avails track events, road tours and drinking establishments for its tight brethren. Some say that to be a Fuelfed member is like reaching Nirvana, Climbing K2 or Crossing the Sahara on a Camel, while others say it’s like owning a well worn Farrah Poster, we say its more like listening to Nirvana while sleeping with a Camel on K2.

If you are interested in becoming a Fuelfed member, don’t hold your breath. This group is so secret they don’t even know who each other are, or at least admit to it. They rarely meet at the same place, always sleep with one eye open and never date the same girl twice. Get these guys on the track and it’s all up for grabs, you’ll have more fun then three of you…if you don’t get killed first.

You could be out chasing a little white ball around with a stick getting mad at the world or you could hang with Fuelfed, and be out driving!”

I've been bestowed 'membership' into the .... ummm ... club.  Ich liebe es!

There is a blog, but it's secret so please don't click this link:

I do like their take on the Porsche Parade in St. Charles!

"There has been great interest from our driver’s about the National Porsche Club of America Parade in St. Charles, IL.
But we don’t want to waste time with all the pink Polo shirts and Top Siders milling around next week, we want to see (ok drive) the best of what Stuttgart has produced. So let’s cut to the chase: the only event worth anything will be the Concours on Sunday, July 4th (nice planning PCA, like we don’t have something else to do on this country’s biggest holiday)".