Friday, July 23, 2010

More Jamie Lipman Fotos!

Jamie Lipman shot a bunch of fotos of Steven Harris' 'big-block' hotrod at the 2009 Targa California.  And now John Glynn has put together an article to be published in the current issue of Total 911.  Sneak peak here:

Total 911 Magazine

I was in this gruppe all weekend at the Targa and it was an extraordinary event with perfect weather.  My favorite foto of all is this one.  The only foto I've seen that truly captures the reality of the big rollers on Hwy 58 just west of the mountains.  We inadvertently caught some air on one of these rollers at about 115MPH one day ... not something I necessarily want to do again.

The above road is shown at the end of this in-car video I shot at the event (about 7:25 in).  Unfortunately, video tends to flatten out roads.  These rollers (maybe 'launch ramps' would be a more accurate description) are high and steep with completely blind crests. At the 8:30 mark - right after we pass the Datsun Roadster - you can see my buddy Chuck momentarily leave Earth's gravitational pull. And then I follow suit - scary shit at 100+ MPH. In fact, the entire route on this video is full of big elevation change. The first 5:30 minutes we're climbing over the mountain, then it's all downhill from there ...

Jamie also shot my '71 at this event which appeared in RetroCars Magazine a few months ago.   More of Jamie's outstanding work here at his website:

James Lipman Photography

A few of my favorites: