Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Rare Rally Homologation Car in Michigan

In the dark of night on Saturday, a transporter wound its way into a quiet northern Detroit-area suburb.  The driver gets out and meets us on the street corner.  It's just beginning to lightly rain. He's 2 hours late.  He has a heavy Russian accent.  He can't make the turn and there's really no where for him to turn around.  This doesn't look good.  But after 30 minutes of jockeying around, along with some broken tree branches and rutted lawns, he's got the gargantuan truck turned around and ready to unload.  An envelope full of cash is exchanged in the middle of the road as neighbors peek out from their windows.  'The car' is finally fired up and unloaded.  It is special.  Probably the only one in the USA since they were never sold here.  And not anywhere near the 25-year old requirement for exemption from US EPA/DOT standards.  It's somehow been issued a Michigan license plate (don't ask) which is quickly mounted and we go for a little joy ride through the neighborhood.   Wow!  This thing is fast and just begs to be taken to gravel where it belongs ... but with only 2000KM on the odometer, that is unlikely.

So without further ado, enjoy the photos .... hmmm, must have been something wrong with my camera.