Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halda Rally Computer-e

Most everyone in the vintage car hobby is familiar with the now uber-expensive and collectible Halda TwinMaster and Speedpilot - mechanical rally computers from the 60s/70s.   But in the 1980's, Halda replaced these with an electronic rally computer.  It was 'de rigueur' in most all Group B rally cars.

We happen to have one in the Rally Wabbit.  It's a nice unit that is highly intuitive and it was put to good use at LSPR last month.  It was the last item on the punch list prior to the rally and we finally got it working in a rain-soaked parking lot with only minutes to spare.  There was plenty of cursing and 'persuasion' used before we discovered the drive gear itself had a problem.  We cobbled up a fix and all was good.

A Halda Rally Computer-e came up on eBay and the auction ended today at an astounding $1800!  Apparently, they are rare and in high-demand in Europe for owners/restorers of 80's rally cars.  If we had known, the computer would never have been mounted in the Wabbit, much less been subjected to the abuse of a rally!  So, out it comes and up it goes onto the auction block ....  to be replaced by a new TerraTrip 2 Retro, another 80's icon but now being reproduced by Terratrip for the burgeoning vintage rally market.

 The Rally Wabbit at LSPR 2011:

Group 4 Audi quattro 1981:

Group B Audi quattro 1982:

Michele Mouton, Audi quattro, Safari Rally 1983:

Walter Rohrl, Audi quattro, 1986 Monte Carlo: