Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Day at the Auction

So Tim & I headed on down to the Flint auto auction the other day to find me a new car for one of my employees. The only way to describe this place is organized chaos. This is a dealer-only auction and they run somewhere around 3000 cars in 1 day! There are 8 auctions going simultaneously in one large building all day long starting at 8AM.  8 long lanes of cars snake around the building.  There are a 100 or more drivers who somehow figure out which cars to get in at the right time in the right lane.  Then the average auction lasts only 60 seconds - the car barely comes to a stop and the auction is over and the next car is driving up right behind it! We had several cars we were interested in, all in different lanes of course. So we had to continually run back and forth between the lanes to keep track of where the cars were and how close they were to the block. Absolutely crazy.