Saturday, February 11, 2012

Low-Flying Rocket Spotted in Marquette Friday

So much for our mild, snowless winter.  I pick the one freekin day where winter returns with a vengeance to drive 7 hours each way to pick the car up.  Multiple accidents including a 65-car pile up on I-75 near my shop.  And here I am, the only idiot pulling a race car on an open trailer thru this mess.  Nice.

The good news is the car is running and can best be described as a beast.  Bryan Pepp did an amazing job finishing up the engine!!  Now my plan - given the weather conditions - was to load the car up and get back on the road as quickly as possible.  No point in taking it for a ride around snow-covered Marquette since it was 13 degrees and the gravel tires were hard as hockey pucks.  Bryan didn't share my concern.  And when a past winner of the Sno*Drift Rally offers you a ride, you go, despite the completely inappropriate tires!   So we did our best Ken Block Gymkhana impression around the nearby streets and parking lots.  My side mirror happened to be pointed down toward the ground and at one point I glanced at it as a massive flame belched out from the open header.  Sweet!  Media reports of an errant low-flying rocket in Marquette Friday afternoon were completely false.

Video & pics soon, but first I need to get the car into the shop, crank up the heat and bake it down for a few hours ...