Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Graywolf is Locked & Loaded

This has got to be a personal record:  my car is completely prepped 11 days before leaving for an event!  The event being the 2012 Bergrennen at Snowshoe, West Virginia.   I decided to unhook a few of the Christmas ornaments (i.e. roll bar, mudflaps, horn grill auxiliary lights, extraneous stickers, grill badge, etc.) and return to a more stock, sleeper appearance.  The car was delivered new with steel rims, so I think - even though they're heavy enough to moor the Queen Mary - it is appropriate to run them now (although I had them widened 1 inch).  I also installed new stock rocker deco trim, capped 2 of the tail pipes for noise reduction and completed a bunch of small details that nobody will notice.  I really like the new look.

The Graywolf is an authentic 70's 911 hotrod - the original owner built it that way in the 70's (unlike most cars today that are built to mimic a 911 hotrod of the 70s).  And it's still running the same Stoddard-built 2.5 liter engine!  Not many authentic 70s 911 hotrods around and this is a good step backwards in time to keep my modifications more in-line with what the original owner was doing some 35 years ago. He told me his goal was to increase the performance of the car without changing the looks, the very definition of a sleeper.