Tuesday, October 2, 2012

2012 R Gruppe Bergrennen

A highly successful inaugural event with around 45 cars. The first large gathering of R Gruppe cars and members east of the Mississippi.  Absolutely incredible roads throughout West Virginia. High praise from one of our German members:

Hansjoerg: "A phenomenal event.  Gisela and I were amazed seeing a bunch good friends and meeting so many new dedicated Porsche gear-heads and skilled drivers.  The two of us drove on classy tracks like Nordschleife or Hockenheim, but these curves in such a picturesque setting were absolutely among the exceptional, and - on top of all - a real piece of Americana for us.  Driving these cars on such roads is what Weissach friend refers to as 'species appropriate keeping ...' "

A small taste of Route 66 in the rain, just a mile or so from the hotel.

So for the run home on Sunday, we mapped out a 280 mile route from Snowshoe to Zanesville OH.  It included 2-lane twisty roads only, all continuous.  No Interstates, no flats, no long straightaways, no traffic, no delays.  It was the single best drive in my life time.  6 straight hours of driving every imaginable twisty road, including the 72-mile long Ohio 555 - the most insane road I've ever driven.

As many members said at the event - 'there is no longer any reason to take the cars to California for driving events'.  These roads are better.  The traffic is FAR less.   And the locals are friendlier and more accommodating.