Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Throw a $1/2 Billion of Other People's Money Out the Window

Step 1. Figure out a way to cash in on the Green money train. Electric cars?  Yes! 
Step 2. Find willing cronies in the US Government to hand over millions in taxpayer money so you have nothing at risk.
Step 3. This is the fun part.  You're fully funded with free money.  Now make that dream car you've always wanted come to life and name it after yourself - Fisker! 
Step 4.  Lay off all your employees and file for bankruptcy because there is absolutely no market for your product.  Only the Government, in their Utopian world vision, thought this would sell.  Unfortunately, real people with their own money don't spend it on ridiculous $100,000 battery-powered cars that occasionally catch fire.
Step 5. Join dozens of other taxpayer-funded Green dream businesses and sell the scraps and the intellectual property (funded by the US taxpayers) to China for pennies on the deflated-dollar.
Step 6. No harm, no foul.  Well, except for those pesky US taxpayers who took it in the shorts again. 

The US Government in training at age 3.
Can we interest you in roasted Fisker with hollandaise sauce and a fine Merlot?