Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Audi Sport 1981.

Some pics from 1981, the first year of rally for Audi, showing the strong resemblance of the rally cars to the street cars.  From there on out, they were modified at a dizzying pace.  By 1985, the rally cars had little in common with their road-going counterparts.

A very early test car in 1979 or 1980, no more than a lightly-modified street car.  Note the stock rear spoiler with the first appearance of a rear oil cooler.  The bumper valence is stock with the tailpipe cut-out on the left.

The Werks cars of Franz Wittmann, Michele Mouton, and Hannu Mikkola at the 1981 Acropolis Rally.

And a series of photos from the 1981 Rallye Mille Pistes in France of the Mouton/Pons car:

The standard grill has now been replaced by a protruding type to allow room for a large intercooler.  Ventilation cut-outs in the bumper are made but  by the end of the year, the bumper is filled with cut-outs in a continuing quest to cool the engine bay. 

The car is using the very small rear oil cooler under a stock spoiler. The spoiler and cooler would eventually be doubled in height.