Monday, October 21, 2013


Having fun is hard work .... just back from 7 solid days of rally.  2 days of testing with Ken Block & Alex Gelsomino.  This was followed by a 3rd test day for Subaru USA.   The Subaru teams that tested with us finished 1-2-3 at LSPR - 1. Higgins/Drew; 2. L'Estage/Clarke; 3. VanWay/Edwards.  Unfortunately, Ken & Alex had a massive crash at over 100MPH while fighting for the lead.  They were lucky to walk away relatively unscathed.  What a blast hanging out with the team and the UK-based mechanics from Ford M-Sport, some seriously funny guys.

But enough about rally.  The highlight of the week was the coffee at Ken's motorhome on Friday night at the service park.  Made and served up by Ken's mother-in-law.  OK, we were hungry and cold after running 4 stages, but this stuff made Starbucks taste like sewage backwash and was just what was needed to re-energize for a long night ahead.

And they already have a YouTube vid of our test session with 100,000+ views ....

**Video Notes:  at 2:00 Matt Johnston is using his remote helicopter about 30 feet up from the road surface.  The gravel spray hit the copter and broke a rotor!  At the end of the vid, a GoPro camera fell off and was presumed lost in the forest.  Sometime later that day, one of our stage crew found it!

A video I shot (with slightly less views):

Me and Ken at the Day 2 test session:

We were both taking the same pic as the mechanics changed out a driveshaft on stage:

Friday Highlights:

Saturday Highlights: