Saturday, March 8, 2014

Recent Early 911 Sales ...

It's official: I no longer recognize the Early 911 hobby.  Back in the stone age (10-20 years ago), those of us who bought these cars did so because we had a passion for the simplicity of the 1965-1973 911. And they were relatively cheap.  And there was nothing more fun to drive at any price.  We had no interest in the 911SC or 964 or 993 or 996 or any other 911 variant for that matter.  We were sometimes snickered at and put at the back of the pack on Porsche Club of America drives (ask me how I know)!   After all, who in their right mind would want an old, smelly, rusty, under-powered, skinny-tired 911 when the 993 was obviously the pinnacle of the breed .....

Back in 2004 at Rennsport Reunion II in Daytona, I saw this tiny sticker on an uber-rare 1968 911S in the parking lot.  Nobody gave the car a second glance and only those 'in the know' saw the humor in the sticker.  It refers to what amounted to warnings by Excellence Magazine and Bruce Anderson about buying an early 911 (i.e., don't be an idiot!  Buy the far better 911SC!).  The car was driven to Daytona from Wisconsin.  As an aside, I eventually became friends with the owner of that car who, in turn, sold it to another friend and I was fortunate enough to drive it a few times. Being an original paint SWB 911S, I'd guess it's valued at $200,000+ these days.

Unfortunately, the car world has finally come to understand what we've known all along about these cars. And they've turned them into collectible pieces of artwork, no longer affordable to own or drive for the average enthusiast.  It was fun while it lasted.

1973 911RS - Sold at $1,400,000.00 (Gooding yesterday)

1973 911S - Sold at $220,000.00 (Gooding yesterday)

1969 911E - Sold at $125,000.00 (Gooding yesterday)

1970 911E Targa - Sold at $160,000.00 (current episode of Chasing Classic Cars)

1973 911T Targa at Canepa ... asking $200,000.00